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As a Cloud Workbench Software Marketplace, we are helping ISV’s for many topics. Most important part of their business is reaching more customers. But there are still a lot of things to do after you develop new application. Let’s start with how we can create awareness for potential buyers.


Content is still KING;

Old terms says content is king but I should say content is still KING. Here is why; most of the visitors also search engines come to your web site to find beneficial content. If you think your SaaS solution is the best, you should tell the potential customers with perfect content.

Solution base social stories;

If you have a solution, it is because of someone has a problem or vice versa. Please focus on potential customer’s problem. If you define problems with right messages on social posts that will works for your potential buyers.

Be more visible

You can try to be in software review web sites. Beside CWB Software Marketplace reviews, also be on Capterra, G2 etc..

More content about your company;

I mean tell more about your business processes. How is your support works? If you don’t have a content, please work on it. Prepare FAQ list. Design service workflow. Make support videos and contents.

Video Contents and short video’s

It is very important for potential customers to see your software short videos. It helps to better understand the functions and abilities of your products.

May be you can check this sample page to see how you can explain your software in a minutes here (also you can see link here: very simple )

Focus on personalized on-boarding;
With your perfect user experience, you should have personalized on-boarding process. Happy customers means, new happy customers and happy you😊. If you provide successful on-boarding and easy start experience this will decrease customer support tickets.

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