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Technical Knowledge Test for HR assessment processes

Talentate Technical Knowledge Tests help recruiters to measure the technological knowledge and skills of candidates. It consists of test modules in different variations such as Network, Excel, Oracle, Typing, C#, SQL, Java, HTML & CSS, and Basic IT.

With Talentate Technical Knowledge Tests, you can measure how well the candidate follows the innovations, trends, and technological developments in the world.  Hereby, you can measure how much candidates have trained themselves about new innovations, how much candidates have developed and adapted to these trends.

Quick Facts

  • Adaptive test feature
  • Large question bank
  • Query writing and query result calculation
  • Constantly added and up-to-date questions
  • Distribution graphics

Why Use?

C# Test

C# is a type of programming language. Its modern algorithm and intermediate difficulty make it one of the software languages of choice for software developers.

In Talentate Technical Knowledge Tests module, C# test can be done in a mixed way with test, fill-in-the-blank, query result calculating, query writing formats. C# tests are adjusted as adaptive form. The test can be applied to candidates in positions such as engineering and information technology.

SQL Test

SQL is a standardized programming language used to manage databases and perform various operations on the data within them.

In Talentate Technical Knowledge Tests, SQL Tests is adaptive and can be also done in a mixed format.  The test can be applied to candidates for positions such as CRM, product analytics, business analyst, business development.

Java Test

Java is a platform that helps programmers develop and run applications efficiently. Various applications can be developed using Java, such as enterprise applications, network applications, desktop applications, web applications, games, android applications and much more.

In Talentate Technical Knowledge Tests, Java test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. The 20-minute countdown begins when the candidate starts. The test can be applied for assistant expert, specialist, and first-level executive positions. 

Oracle Test

Oracle is the platform used for database management, keeping all data securely and transferring this data to many channels.

Talentate Oracle Test consists of 20 multiple choice questions of different difficulty levels and has a duration of 20 mins.

Network Test

Networks are systems that enable users to share hardware and software resources in computer systems.

Talentate Network Test consists of 20 multiple choice questions of 3 different difficulties. Candidates are given 20 minutes to complete the test.


HTML is the standard markup language for web pages. It allows the user to configure captions, paragraphs, and headings for web pages and applications.

CSS allows controlling how columns are sized and placed, what background images or colors are used, layout designs, screen variations for different devices and screen sizes, as well as a variety of other effects. CSS is one of the most used tools along with HTML and JavaScript to create user interfaces in web and mobile applications.

In Talentate Technical Knowledge Tests, HTML & CSS Test consists of 30 multiple choice questions and a duration of 15 minutes.

Basic IT Test

Talentate Basic IT Test can be used for all positions that require a basic knowledge of computer technologies. Basic IT Tests consists of 30 multiple choice questions. Candidates have 10 minutes.

Excel Test

Excel is a software program that uses spreadsheets to organize numbers and data with formulas and functions.  Excel is used for all tabulation and reporting tasks, from stock tracking to product comparison, from the analysis of complex scientific data to the interpretation of financial statements.

Talentate Excel Test consists of 15 multiple choice questions of different difficulty levels and has a duration of 10 minutes.

Typing Test

It is a test that can be applied for positions such as call centers, customer representatives, and executive assistants, where the ability to write quickly and accurately on the keyboard is desired. The system determines the candidate’s score according to the total number of words and spelling mistakes the candidate can write within the given time.

Powerful Features

Constantly Added and Up-to-date Questions

Talentate is constantly updated the questions by following the innovations, new trends and technology developments in the world. The quality of assessment tools and tests is constantly enhanced.

Adaptive Test Feature

The adaptive test feature is based on an algorithm in which the difficulty level of the questions is determined according to the candidates’ abilities to solve the questions. Thus, the candidate does not waste time with easy questions and difficult questions. The questions come according to the level of the candidates, so the level of the candidates is determined in the most precise way.

Safeguard Against Cheating

During the test, photographs of the candidate are taken randomly at regular intervals. This is a safeguard against the possibility of the candidate conducting the exam fraudulently or with assistance.

Mixed Question Format

In Talentate Technical Tests, some test modules contain query writing, query result calculating, fill-in-the-blank and test formats. In this way, clearer results are obtained about the competencies of the candidates, especially in coding tests.


Talentate Technical Knowledge Tests can be done by candidates on any browser, so no application is required to be downloaded.

Live Support

Candidates can contact the support unit during the tests. Talentate Live Support Team provides 24/7 service in case candidates have problems.

GDPR Compliance

All kinds of technological security measures have been taken in the system, which is designed in accordance with the GDPR rules. The legal and technological requirements of the region of service are met.

How to Use

Assigning Step

Candidates’ information is entered into the system as name-surname, e-mail and/or telephone. Candidate entries can be loaded in bulk into the system with an Excel file quickly. At this stage, candidates can be assigned to a position in the system if desired.

Testing Step

After the recruiter’s assignment, the candidate will be sent login information via SMS or e-mail. The submitted content contains the login link and the login code generated exclusively for each candidate. And candidates complete the tests within the specified time interval.

Assessment Step

After the candidates complete the tests, the results are transferred to the system. According to candidate scores, the recruiter can make elimination or candidate filtering. By using the “Add Rule” feature the recruiter can automatically eliminate candidates who fall below a certain score.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Technical Knowledge Tests used, what are the advantages?

Talentate Technical Knowledge Tests provide convenience to recruiters through a set of tools to determine candidates’ technological competencies and levels in recruitment. With these tests, candidates’ technical knowledge and skills can be measured before interviews.

Which levels and/or positions can the Technical Knowledge Tests be applied to?

It can be applied at all positions and levels that require technical knowledge, regardless of the level.

Can candidates view their results?

No, results can only be accessed via the admin panel. If desired, the links of the candidates’ results can be created on the system and forwarded to them.

What happens if the candidate’s internet connection is lost during the interview?

Candidates who have any disconnection during the test can continue the test from where they left off after reconnecting.

In which technical tests is adaptive technology applied?

C# and SQL tests are using adaptive technology.


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