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Personality Item Test (PIT) easy and fast assessment tool helps HR Recruiters.


Talentate Personality Item Test

Personality Item Test is the first personality inventory that combines the personality factors, self-perception, concept of value, and makes it possible for you to conduct your processes more efficiently and effectively by considering the personality characteristics of your candidates. Personality Item Test, which has a great technological infrastructure, is an HRTech product. For this reason, Personality Item Test allows you to obtain fast to meaningful data in your HR Analytics tools.

Personality Item Test is an empowerment tool that can be used in all of your talent acquisition, career planning, talent management, organizational development, training, and coaching processes as well as recruitment.

Quick Facts

  • Based on the Enneagram & MBTI
  • 15- to 20-minute completion time
  • Available in 3 languages
  • Instant reporting output
  • Online administration

Why Use?

Personality Factors

Personality Item Test was designed to determine personality characteristics from strongest to weakest. Personality Item Test interprets 20 personality characteristics in terms of the value and potential competence of the candidates.

Position Fit Score

Position fit score derives the source from the personality factors of the candidates and allows recruiters to obtain the candidates’ position fit score for current positions according to candidates’ personality factors.

Potential Competency

The potential competency, which derives its source from personality factors, displays the sorting of the candidates’ 10 competencies.

Value Profile

Personality Item Test identifies the 5 values that the candidates care about and honor most in their lives with the value profile.


Personality Item Test determines the awareness levels of the candidates with a personal perception profile.


Personality Item Test shows how consistent are the candidates’ answers to questions in the inventory.

Powerful Features

Based on Two Different Personality Theories

Personality Item Test is based on two important theories. The first of these is Enneagram which based on nine temperament models; the second is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Considering the Needs and Priorities of the Business World

Personality Item Test is also designed to sort 10 competencies prioritized by the business world. The 10 competencies evaluated by the inventory are agility, detail-orientation, effective communication, collaboration and teamwork, customer orientation, planning, continuous learning and development, strategic thinking, team development and coaching, effective delegation.

Combining Personality Factors with the Concept of Value

Personality Item Test is the first inventory that combines personality factors and the concept of value. Independent from the Personality Item Test algorithm, the value profile generates data about the values that candidates care about and honor most.

Many Different Area of Usage

Personality Item Test is used in many areas of HR processes. For example; recruitment, employee profile, career counseling, norm personality factor study, training needs analysis and talent management.

HR Analytics with Personality Item Test

All data obtained from Personality Item Test reports are stored as processable. The purpose of this is to transform into the outputs of companies such as recruitment habits, promotion trends, and personality characteristics of employees who quit, meaningful data and speed up data analytics processes.

Position Fit Score

Position fit score, which is a numerical expression of candidates’ suitability for the designated position, is calculated on personality factors. In addition to the positions which defined in the system, each company can define their own unique positions. It is possible to get an idea about the suitability of candidates for the position based on personality factors and at no additional cost.

10 Different Report Types

Personality Item Test represents 10 different types of reports. These are Summary Report, Prominent Characteristics, Potential Improvement Points, Shadow Areas, Potential Competency Report, Training Needs Analysis, Value Report, Effective Management, Coaching Tips, and lastly an Extended Report which includes all the reports.

Assessor Training

If requested, Personality Item Test Assessor Training is provided as an additional service to companies.

Digital Certificate

All participants who attend the Personality Item Test Assessor Training receive a digital Personality Item Test Assessor Certificate.

Coffee Break Option

The inventory allows candidates to take a “coffee break” in case they have timing problem.

Integrated with Enocta

According to the training needs analysis, one of the reports produced by the Personality Item Test, suitable training in Enocta can be assigned to candidates easily and quickly.

Language Options

Personality Item Test can be safely solved in Turkish, English, Russian, German, and Arabic.

Online Administration and Instant Reporting

Personality Item Test is applied online and can be directed through the admin panel. Results can also be instantly viewed from the admin panel.

GDPR Compliance

All kinds of technological security measures have been taken in the system, which is designed in accordance with the GDPR rules. The legal and technological requirements of the region of service are met. Personal information of candidates is also stored in the system in accordance with GDPR.

Types of Reports

Summary Report

Shows the candidates’ position fit scores, lists of personality factors from strongest to weakest, lists of potential competencies, self-perception profiles, values, and consistencies.

Prominent Characteristics

Represents the 3 prominent characteristics of the candidates and explains them with behavioral indicators.

Potential Improvement Points

Represents the least strong 3 personality characteristics of the candidates and explains them with behavioral indicators. The report is designed to indicate where the candidates potentially need improvement the most.

Shadow Areas

Explains the possible risks that may arise when the candidates use his/her strong personality factors excessively.

Potential Competency Report

Shows the behavioral indicators of the 3 strongest competencies ranked according to the potential competency profiles of the candidates.

Training Needs Analysis

Shows the training needs of the 3 weakest competencies listed in the potential competency profile of the candidates. It is possible to assign suitable training through Enocta.

Value Report

Clarifies the values of the candidates that care most and honor in their lives. The inventory asks the candidates to select 5 values out of 63.

Effective Management Tips

Includes the management tips that the department manager should apply in order to increase the productivity of the candidates, contribution to work, job satisfaction.

Coaching and Mentoring Tips

Includes the support points that the department manager will provide in order to minimize the negative situations that the candidates’ development areas will create.

Extended Report

Includes all report types that are sorted one under the other.

How to Use

Assignment Step

Candidates’ information is entered into the system as name-surname, e-mail and/or telephone. Candidate entries can be loaded in bulk into the system with an Excel file quickly. At this stage, candidates can be assigned to a position in the system if desired.

Testing Step

Candidates log in to the system via the link and/or access code that they received. Firstly, they approve agreements about protection of personal data and then start testing. Candidates are asked to fill in a total of 80 questions and 2 different forms. The process is completed in an average of 20 minutes. Candidates, who need any technical support or have any problems during the test, can apply for live support via the button on the screen.

Assessment Step

After the candidates complete the test, the Personality Item Test report is instantly generated in the system. These reports can be shared with external users via a link to be created through the admin panel, the processes of the candidates can be followed and progressed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which levels and/or positions can the Personality Item Test be applied to?

Personality Item Test can be applied to candidates of all levels.

Are photographs taken of candidates who solved the Personality Item Test?

No, personality inventories are not assessment tools based on judgment or information measurement. For this reason, photo shoot is not used as a security control. In addition, the candidate should be “comfortable” while answering the personality inventory.

How does the Potential Competency Report work?

The Potential Competency Report produced by Personality Item Test uses personality factors as a source.

How does the Position Fit Score work? Can companies add their own positions?

The Position Fit Score Module works by using personality factors as a source. It is the numeral expression of a candidate’s suitability for the designated position.  Each company can obtain a Position Fit Score by defining its own positions in the system.

What kind of comment should be made for a candidate with a good Self-Perception Profile?

Self-Perception Profile is a module that measures the awareness of candidates. For this reason, a candidate with a good Personal Perception Profile can be interpreted with high awareness. Therefore s/he knows the improvement points and can take action for them quickly.


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