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Online Video Interview for HR assessment processes


Talentate Online Video Interview

Talentate Online Video Interview, which is one-way, is a widely used assessment tool in online HR processes, most important feature that distinguishes it from others is that the recruiters can ask questions according to the Personality Inventory result of candidates.

It can be forwarded Personality Inventory report-based, general interview, English, position-based, and competency-based questions to candidates from hundreds of questions in the system. The question pool of Talentate Online Video Interview is periodically updated and new questions are made available to users.

Companies can include this tool in their all HR processes. Recruiters can also add the questions they want to ask candidates and send them to the candidates through the system. The recruiter schedules the time for the interviews that should be held at a certain time and place. In this way, candidates also have a stress-free interview experience.

Quick Facts

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Personality inventory integration
  • Question library
  • Flexible and speed
  • 24/7 live support

Why Use?

Talentate Personality Inventory and Online Video Interview Integration

Talentate Online Video Interview provides data to recruiters about candidates’ personal perceptions and values by automatically pulling questions from Talentate Personality Inventory. With the help of this technology, recruiters can get a truly holistic view of each candidate.

Candidate Assessment in Bulk

With the help of matrix views of Talentate Online Video Interview, recruiters can view and assess the answers to the questions easily and quickly.

Body Language Observation

Talentate Online Video Interview gives a lot of important information about candidates that cannot be easily achieved by any other method. Recruiters have an opportunity to see the appearance of candidates to be going to hire. Recruiters can also observe the candidates’ body language by watching the gestures, fluency of speech, and tone of voice. Thus, recruiters get deeper information about the candidates.

Time and Cost Savings

Recruiters can prioritize critical questions and reduce their interviews to 5 minutes, while companies can save up to 80% in recruitment costs with Online Video Interview tool.

Powerful Features

Question Pool

Talentate Online Video Interview tool has a pool of hundreds of questions. The question which is related with Talentate Personality Inventory report-based, general interview, English, position-based, and competency-based can be directed to candidates.

For instance, the position-based technical questions sub-pool contains unique technical questions about various positions, such as financial controller, marketing specialist, human resources specialist, and software development engineer.

Adaptable Think and Answer Length Time

Recruiters can set a separate think and answer length time for each question that they direct to candidates.

Matrix Report

The monitoring can be done on the “detailed report” screen with a matrix view. Thus, recruiters can review and score the answers to the most important questions for them.

All Languages and Letters

The system supports all alphabets and letter characters and the Online Video Interview can be done in any language.


Talentate Online Video Interview can be done on any browser, so it does not require any application download.

Stored Over Cloud 

All data about the Online Video Interview is stored over the cloud, recruiters do not need to reserve space on the computer hard drive.

Accessible from Computer and Mobile Devices 

Both candidates and recruiters can log in to the Talentate Online Video Interview platform via computer and mobile devices.

Various Invitation Facilities

After the recruiters have made the assignment, the login information to the candidate is sent optionally: by mail, by SMS, or by both if desired.

Share Link

Each recorded video contains a share link; with the share link, anyone in the company can review the video and provide input. Recruitment can be made more efficiently and effectively by getting the opinions of heads of the departments.

Branding Features 

By using branding features, recruiters can customize the candidates’ interview experiences with questions, messages, and prompts. Recruiters can add their company logos to a desired point in the interview videos. Also, recruiters can create a unique QR Code for each candidate. Candidates, by scanning the QR Code from Talentate QR Code scanning page, can access the assessments.

Live Support

Candidates can contact support during the Online Video Interview. Candidates can write to the live support box on the Talentate Online Video Interview interface at any time; the live support team is 7/24 available in case candidates have problems

GDPR Compliance

All kinds of technological security measures have been taken in the system, which is designed in accordance with the GDPR rules. The legal and technological requirements of the region of service are met. Personal information of candidates is also stored in Azure in accordance with GDPR.

How to Use

Assignment Step

Recruiter sends an invitation to the candidates for the assessment set, which s/he creates by selecting questions from the question pool or adding her/his own questions, via the Talentate system.

Recording Step

After the assignment, it is sent login information via SMS or e-mail to the candidates. The sent content includes the login link and the login code generated exclusively for each candidate. Candidates record their interviews whenever and wherever they want.

Assessment Step

The recruiter views the recorded video interview by the candidates at any time. S/he can add notes and rate them. Results of the candidates are added to the candidates’ profiles. In order to facilitate high volume recruitments, results are displayed with visual data and graphics.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which platform is the video interview conducted on?

Candidates do not need to download any software for video interview recordings, such as Skype, Zoom, or Teams. Talentate offers an Online Video Interview tool on its platform.

How long does it take for a candidate to complete an online video interview?

Online Video Interview takes approximately 15 minutes. However, it depends on how many questions you ask candidates and how long you give them to answer each question.

Can candidates re-record the interview if they are not satisfied with their answers?

No, they only can make trial recordings before the actual video interview to make sure that the camera and microphone are working properly. This allows candidates to have an idea of what the real interview will look like.

However, candidates can record the video interview only once.  Just as a candidate can’t get back a face-to-face interview, so too can’t re-record the online video interview. This way provides more efficient filtration of featured candidates.

Do candidates see the questions in advance?

No, if the candidates see the questions beforehand, almost all of them prepare and give the most appropriate answer. In this case, it is difficult to distinguish suitable candidates from those who are not.

In Talentate Online Video Interview, candidates see the question only when it will be answered. Within the given time, candidates simultaneously think about how to answer and make a video interview recording. Thus, the recruiter gets more precise and sharper results.

What happens if the candidate’s internet connection is lost during the interview?

Candidates can contact the company about the disconnection they experience after they have finished the interview. Recruiters can reset candidate’s interviews if they think it is necessary.

Talentate provides infrastructure and support for the interview platform, not involved in the actual recruitment process.


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