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Gamified Aptitude Test for HR assessment processes


Talenate Gamified Aptitude Test is a recruitment tool designed to make candidate experiences more enjoyable by bringing the classic aptitude test to the competition environment. The analytical, verbal, and abstract reasoning skills of the candidates within the game setup are measured with the questions of different difficulties in the aforesaid categories.

With Talentate Aptitude Test, candidates have 3 different jokers while solving their questions. These are “Change the Question, Use Additional Time, Eliminate the Wrong Option”. It is also possible to customize the time given to the questions in the test.

Quick Facts

  • Aptitude test in 3 dimensions
  • Highly suitable for the rising generation
  • An enjoyable and entertaining process
  • Brand value
  • Easy-to-use interface

Why Use?

Suitable for the digital age

The gamified aptitude test, which differs from traditional aptitude tests in its structural aspect, adapts both the generation Y, which is at the center of business life, and the generation Z, who will take a new step into business life, to the recruitment processes faster and with high motivation.

Enjoyable and Entertaining Processes

The process becomes fun, both in terms of its visuals and format

Time Management Competency

Giving a certain amount of time for each question gives information about the time management competencies of the candidates.

Less Stress

The gamified recruitment process helps candidates to keep their stress under control.

Brand Value

The tools that the digital age brings to the sector increase the brand value of companies.

Powerful Features

Joker Rights

Candidates have 3 different jokers while solving the test that are “Change the Question, Use Additional Time, Eliminate the Wrong Option”.

Customized Question Durations

The response time of the questions is suitable for customization.


With the voiceover, questions and options directed that to candidates can be listened to simultaneously.

Compatible with Mobile

The test can be solved with mobile devices.

Photo Shoot

The security check can be provided with photos taken at certain intervals during the test.

Online Administration and Instant Reporting

The test is applied online and can be directed through the admin panel. Results can also be instantly viewed from the admin panel.

GDPR Compliance

Candidates’ personal information and photos were taken during the test are stored in the system in accordance with GDPR. (?)

Live Support

With live support, your candidates can be supported on all technical issues throughout the process.

How to Use

Assignment Step

Candidates’ information is entered into the system as name-surname, e-mail and/or telephone. Candidate entries can be loaded in bulk into the system with an Excel file quickly. At this stage, candidates can be assigned to a position in the system if desired.

Testing Step

Candidates read and approve the contracts of companies regarding personal data just before starting the process. Then they see the intro screens about the test and complete it within the given time. Candidates can ask their questions through live support during the test.

Assessment Step

The results of the test are reported on the admin panel and the recruiter can monitor them instantly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Gamified Aptitude Test used, what are the advantages?

The Gamified Aptitude Test provides a more practical and enjoyable recruitment process by collecting more data in a short time. It prevents a long and tiring recruitment process that creates a loss of motivation. The test also helps both generation Y and Z to be involved in the processes with high motivation and to minimize their stress.

Are photos taken of candidates who solved the Gamified Aptitude Test?

The candidate who starts the Gamified Aptitude Test is photographed at regular intervals during the test. If a second person appears on the screen, the system takes the photo of the candidate and allows the recruiter to see it.

Which levels and/or positions can the Gamified Aptitude Test be applied to?

Gamified Aptitude Test can be applied to candidates of all levels, but it is usually used for newly graduates.

How many questions does the Gamified Aptitude Test consist of and what is the category distribution of the questions?

The test contains 18 questions in total. Questions are directed to candidates with different difficulty levels from analytical, verbal, and abstract reasoning categories.

How long does the Gamified Aptitude Test take on average?

The average test completion time for a candidate is 10 minutes.


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