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Aptitude Test for HR assessment processes

Talentate Aptitude Test, one of Talentate’s many online human resources solutions, allows human resources professionals to assess their candidates’ abilities during the assessment process systematically. Talentate Aptitude test measures the candidates’ analytical, verbal, abstract reasoning skills along with their data interpretation abilities with its proficiently designed system, and helps companies make effective, data-driven decisions. Talentate Aptitude Test is also a top-tier online assessment tool that every recruiter will benefit from with a question bank of thousands of questions.

The aptitude skills expected of the candidate to be recruited vary according to the position and role to be recruited. Talentate Aptitude Test allows recruiters to assess the aptitude skills of the candidate by adjusting test modules exclusively for the position to be recruited.

Quick Facts

  • Large question bank with more than 3000 questions
  • 30-minute completion time
  • Distribution graphics
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • 24/7 live support

Why Use?

Analytical Reasoning

The questions in this category measure the candidates’ logical aptitude, mathematical knowledge, ability to solve logical problems, draw meaningful inferences and arrive at conclusions from the data presented to them.

Verbal Reasoning

It is important for companies that the candidates can use and comprehend written language and concepts effectively. With this category, recruiters can see whether the candidates have masteries of language and its subtleties and where they rank in terms of reading comprehension.

Abstract Reasoning

The objective of the category is to measure whether candidates are able to recognize the difference between a number of shapes and patterns.

Data Interpretation

It aims to measure the ability of candidates to interpret tables and graphics correctly and to obtain correct results from the data.

Visual Memory

It is a test where candidates’ visual memory and their ability to remember details by recognizing them can be measured.

Logical Reasoning

It is a test that assesses the cognitive skills and the basic logical reasoning levels of candidates.

Powerful Features

Large Question Pool and Random Selection

The questions that are determined the difficulties and dimensions are directed randomly to candidates from the question pool containing more than 3000 questions. Thus, each candidate is evaluated with different question sets with the same difficulty and dimensions.

Separate Assignment

Recruiters can assign the categories separately “instead of assigning the complete 40-question aptitude test. With this option, it is possible to assign more appropriate test categories for senior-level executives, or just assess certain skills in a selected group as desired.

Security Control

Candidates allow the system to access their camera and take up to 100 photos throughout the assessment to secure the test-taking process. Any second person appearing in front of the camera is evaluated as deviant behavior and the system marks the candidate’s test as suspicious, making it easy for recruiters to identify and prevent cheating.

24/7 Live Support

Talentate’s support team is there to help in case the candidate stumbles into any problems during their online assessment to ensure a smooth process. Candidates can contact with support team instantly and seek solutions.

Instant Report and Feedback

The results of candidates’ aptitude tests are instantly reflected on the system when their assessment is complete. Recruiters can view the candidates’ detailed results screens, compare, and sort them with other candidates who took the test, and export the documents as Excel files.

How to Use

Assignment Step

It is enough for recruiters to know the name, surname, and e-mail address of candidates they would like the assign the test to. The test link can also be sent to a phone number as a text message. After filling in this information, the candidates will receive a link with a code specially designated for them and log in on the appearing screen to view which tests were assigned to them and continue with the process.

Testing Step

Once the candidates click the test, a camera check is conducted, then the candidates can start taking the test and contact the support team if any problems arise.

Assessment Step

After completion of the test by the candidates, their results can be viewed and assessed by the company from the admin panel.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the test?

Candidates have 30 minutes to answer the questions in the test.

How many questions from each category does the Talentate Aptitude Test consist of?

Talentate Aptitude Test has 10 questions from each category: Analytical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, and Data Interpretation, consisted of a total of 40 questions.

Which levels and/or positions can the Talentate Aptitude Test be applied to?

Talentate Aptitude Test can be adjusted for the needs of recruiters to be applied to any level they deem appropriate. It can be assigned separately to candidates from various levels, ranging from executive to blue-collar, and be offered in different difficulty levels.

Can candidates view their results?

No, results can only be accessed via the admin panel. If desired, the links of the candidates’ results can be created on the system and forwarded to them.

What happens if a candidate does not have a video camera?

It is advisable to take the test on a computer with a web camera. The test will not continue unless the candidate allows camera access and consents getting their photographs taken, due to security measures.


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