QDMS Information Security Management (ISO 27001)

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Information Security Management System (ISMS)
We can describe Information Security Management System as an international system assisting companies to protect their financial data, intellectual properties and sensitive customer information. You can define your company’s risks and manage or mitigate the risks for your confidential data thanks to Information Security Policy, which forms the basis of Bimser’s Information Security Management System solution. You can also take necessary security measures accordingly. You can always review and make your information security methods, which you apply not only for today but also for the future, more sensitive with Bimser’s ISMS solution.

You can prevent unauthorized persons to view, change or delete any information with Bimser’s ISMS software solution.

Information Security
How Information Security is Achieved?

We can define Information as an asset that is valuable for the enterprise and, therefore, must be protected like all other commercial and enterprise assets. If you don’t want your confidential information or any information that you care to be stolen, lost, damaged or accessed unauthorizedly, you can benefit from Bimser’s information security management software, which plans and manages who can access to, change and edit your information and documents and who can transfer them out of your organization.

What is Information Security Technology?
With information security technology, you can ensure the security of your information, documents and data, which assists the companies in establishing and positioning their architectural infrastructure, and you can manage your hardware and software end-to-end in order to prevent security problems that may occur.

ISO 27001 Certificate
What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System is a systematic approach to manage company information in order to ensure that they are kept secure. It includes people, processes and Information Technology (IT) systems by implementing a risk management process. It also helps small, medium and large scale enterprises from different industries to keep their information assets secure.

SOA (State of Applicability)
What is SOA?

SOA Standards is a documented statement that explains applicable control objectives of an organization in relation with Information Security Management System (ISMS).

ISO/IEC 27001 standard is composed of main articles and attachments. It is mandatory to implement these main articles, however additional articles are optional and the organization may not implement any of these articles that is not applicable for it by mentioning the reason. A state of applicability document, called SOA, is prepared in order to state that this arrangement is made, i.e. additional articles are implemented or not.

Corporate Risk Management
Risk is the probability of failing to achieve a result, of loss or of suffering a damage within a given period. Security risks are identified by risk analysis in order to minimize this probability and it is ensured that scales of these risks and areas, for which precautions must be taken, are determined. Bimser’s Corporate Risk Management is our software solution that directly affects corporate strategies in relation to the corporate’s mission and vision and ensures that uncertain events are identified, controlled, and eliminated or minimized by taking necessary actions.

What is Risk Management and Assessment?
Risks in an organization can be searched and found, the effects of these risks on various activities can be observed and they can be classified according to their priorities in order to protect the organization from potential damages and methods and strategies can be developed by this risk management and assessment.

Octave Information Security Risk Methodology
Octave is an information security risk assessment technique that manages risks based on assets and provides strategic opinions based on risks.



Supported Languages

English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japan, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese (With language matrix, you can define any languages with ease.

Mobile Applications

QDMS has IOS and Android native applications. You can use with additional fees. Please selecet on our product list.


With in 1 workday installation will be completed.


QDMS will be deployed Microsoft Azure west Europe servers. For other server locations please contact us.


QDMS support will be provided by technical consultants via ticket management system. You can reach support system 24/7. Also you will have documentation and knowledgebase about QDMS. Other hand you can be a part of user community on social platforms.


Your ticket will be handled 1 workday. And classified according to importance by technical consultants.


Each module prices includes 1 day module training. After purchase process one of our project manager will be contact you for onboarding.


If you need to migration services please contact us for additional consultancy services.


According to your organizational structure, our consultants design special implementation plan. After your approval, implementation process starts.


QDMS supports web service integration model.

For SAP systems, you can use abap or web service integration methodology.

System Scope

QDMS Integrated Management Systen is developed in ASP.NET on Microsoft.Net framework. It works on Internet Information Services (IIS) and web based application. QDMS can use Microsoft SQL Server ve Oracle database systems.

Infrastructure Layer

The Lowest layer of QDMS contains System Database and Operating System. This layer has 3 main components, Document Database, Index Database and Mail server

  • Document Database: QDMS stores all document binary files in this database. It could be Microsoft SQL or Oracle.
  • Index Database: QDMS stores all records data, index informations etc.
  • Mail Server: System sends mail by mail server service. Mail server service can use any SMTP, POP3 supported mail systems ex: Exhange/Lotus Notes/Qmail etc.

Middelware Layer

There are Server components in this layer. QDMS Web Application works on IIS Web server in this layer.

Web server works as a interface to provide a isolate structure.

Client Layer

Client layer is formed application that serves to end users. System works on best-known Web Browsers. End users can use application on desktop, tablet computer or cell-phones.

QDMS has native Mobile application for IOS and Android extrally. Native application functions are limited according to Web interface. Some Native application features, Viewing document, approve, review, control document, complete checklist for audit, defining findings, CAPA Request etc.

User Interface

HTML5 and CSS3 standarts is used in QDMS interface. QDMS interface does not need training for end user. It was designed user friendly.


Minimum configurasyon is defined below table. Virtual or Physical servers can be supported by QDMS Server

Table 2. Minimum QDMS System Requirements (included in your subscription)

Processor Intel Xeon 4 x 2,1 GHz
Memory 8 GB
Operating System 64 Bit Windows 2008 or Higher
Web Sunucusu IIS7 or Higher
.Net Framework 4.0
Database MS SQL 2008, 2012, 2014 Oracle 10g, 11r, 12c
Database Disk Space 100 GB
Application Disk Space 50 GB

Architecture Advatages and Constraints

QDMS is service based structure, that provides distributed setted up system to get maximum availability. Web based application property of QDMS can reach every point of local or extra network.


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