QDMS Environment and Meter Measurement and Trace

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Environmental Management System
We define environmental management system as a system, through which environmental impacts of a product or service at each step from the initial stage to the introduction to the market are evaluated and production processes are planned, organized, optimized, and managed accordingly. With Bimser’s environmental management system solution, we aim to minimize the utilization of natural resources and the damages caused to soil, air and water.

Our solution ensures that environmental impacts of organizations are reduced to the lowest level, natural resources are used at the minimum level and the organizations’s reputation in the market and among stakeholders is increased, local and international arrangements are followed and organization is not subject to any sanction due to its failure to comply with them and the organization’s resources are used effectively.

ISO 14001
ISO 14001, is the Environmental Management Standard, developed by ISO standard development commission and it is an important part of ISO 14000, the environmental management series. ISO14001 Environmental Management System is a risk focused management model aiming to reduce the utilization of natural resources and to minimize harmful impacts on soil, water and air.

It was revised for the last time in 2015 in order for harmonization with ISO 9001 standard and it has become compatible with article structure of ISO 9001, which was used as reference standard. Users of environmental management modules of Bimser’s QDMS integrated management system can complete this process easily thanks to QDMS’ parametric and easily adaptable infrastructure

Environmental Management System Software
With our QDMS Integrated Management System solution we help that organizations can properly manage the processes of document management, tracking corrective and improving activities, inspection planning, monitoring of environmental events, environmental aspect and impact analysis, monitoring and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, material safety data sheets of chemicals, and monitoring of applicable legislations, which are needed for effective and efficient management of ISO 14001. We ensure that environmental aspects and their impacts are tracked according to processes thanks to process oriented architecture. We can quickly and easily meet your management system requirements through web or mobile devices with QDMS.

Material Safety Data Sheet
QDMS Material Safety Data Sheets are the documents that include hazards, risks and other information regarding chemicals in order to minimize the risks of occupational health and environment that may occur when using and storing chemicals and to inform employees properly and sufficiently.

The safety data sheets provided by manufacturers are approved by relevant stakeholders and a standard format of safety data sheet is prepared for the organization in order to increase awareness.

Mail notifications sent to relevant addressees by QDMS help to access safety data sheets quickly in case of emergency, which allows to respond fast.

Thanks to the capability of QDMS to integrate with ERP systems, it is possible to halt procurement processes of banned chemicals and require additional approvals.

Risk Management
Risk management can be described as the analysis of impact of undesired conditions and events, which may occur in a process, operation or region and planning and continuously controlling the preventive actions before these risks occur through a proactive approach. Risk management is composed of identifying and analyzing the risks, planning the actions to mitigate risks and continuously controlling them. Management systems consider risk management as an irrevocable element.

With QDMS integrated management system, the impact of environmental aspects are prioritized based on their impact on air, water, soil and nature and it is ensured to take measures and track natural risks through a visional approach.

So organizations may prevent potential accidents and avoid from unforeseen costs by detecting possible risks in advance.

Management of Corrective and Improving Actions
Management of corrective and improving actions is a management system process, through which root causes are analyzed while removing improper situations found in an organization and it is intended to reach a permanent solution. This process, which was stated as CPA, i.e. corrective and preventive actions, in previous versions of ISO 9001, is arranged as CIA, i.e. corrective and improving actions in 2015 version of ISO 9001 and it was stated that preventive actions must be planned while analyzing the risks.

QDMS integrated management system includes the steps of reporting the problem, establishing a team, initial respond, root cause analysis, and planning and closing the actions for permanent solution for root causes in accordance with 8 disciplines.

Organizations can prevent repetition of errors in their production facilities with QDMS and increase both customer satisfaction and product and service quality.

Hazardous and Non-hazardous Waste Management
One of the most important modules of QDMS integrated management system is the module enabling to track collection, shipment and disposal of wastes in accordance with National Waste Tracking Form (NWTF) standard. With this module wastes can be classified as hazardous and non-hazardous and disposal methods, containers for hazardous wastes and disposal companies can be selected according to their certificates.

So, a Waste Management Plan can be prepared with the data collected from disposal forms of wastes. Performance data are collected from waste forms, which were completed for each workplace and then recorded to the organization’s plan.


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