QDMS Controlled Document Management

Purchase Unit: User/Month
Suitable for: Corporate

29,00 / month and a 29,00 sign-up fee

Controlled Document Management
QDMS for quick, easy and reliable document management

Secure document control and quick approval mechanism
Documents that can be associated to each other
Quick search with easily classified and indexed documents
Controlled access to documents with authorization feature
Automatic distribution of documents and easy monitoring of read documents
Management of printed documents
E-mail notifications for approval, control, revision and publication phases
Creating master document list by the system automatically
Use of templates and standardization of documents
Dynamically association of documents with product, process and management systems
Monitoring manually filled and archived quality records
Document viewing without addons (HTML 5 Viewer)


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Purchase Unit: User/Month Suitable for: Corporate QDMS Quality | Integrated Management System provides full control of quality, reduction of errors, minimizing the losses and continuous improvement.

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