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Change Management
What is Change Management?

We can describe change management as an approach which enables to understand the changes as products and processes are developed and a need for change occurs, and provides retrospective traceability understand the decisions taken in time. You can manage your changes with Bimser’s eBA and eBA:ITSM software solutions.

Change Management Procedure
The documented procedure ensuring the integration of all changes to be made and the management of such changes in order to improve the deliverables that comply with management system standards during the operations of an organization, to reduce unintended effects, and to be made to improve quality management system conditions, which may impact customer satisfaction and product and service quality, is called change management procedure.

Change Management Process
Bimser’s change management software addresses 2 main issues:

Determining the changes
Planning the changes
It is very important to determine the changes that may impact quality management system while determining these changes. Such changes that may impact the system must be handled deeply and changes that may occur in all processes must be reviewed in terms of their impact to the quality management system.

Another important issue after determining the changes that may impact the quality management system is the planning of these changes.

Planning is very important in terms of management of potential change, using it as an input for risk based thinking and for proactive thinking.

Project Change Management
Careful handling, evaluation and management of change requests in the projects being performed is a very important issue. We commonly face with change requests due to the nature of projects. These requests may come from different participators and project stakeholders. At this point, project change steps must be taken properly. We can list these steps in Bimser’s project change management application as follows: preventing the reason of change, defining the change, investigating the impact of change, making a change request, applying integrated change control system, preparing project management plan, informing the stakeholders affected from change and revising project management plan and documents.

IT Change Management
ITIL (Information Technologies Infrastructure Library) service management methodology is a guide for providing information technology services completely and in the best manner. How ITIL will be integrated to service management process and how it will be implemented must be determined according to the organization’s corporate culture and technology. We can describe ITIL service management as a process of gathering, managing and distributing the best practices and experiences on a system. In addition to increasing the quality, accessibility, capacity, scalability, security and sustainability of services, it is also important to reduce the costs and focus on important and urgent matters. There are almost thirty different processes in order to achieve these targets and ITIL change management and configuration management are only one of them.

Any change in operational services of the organization is managed in accordance with change management process. With Bimser’s IT change management, you can manage your changes through a wide perspective, such as change request, change definition, change modeling, change management process steps, roles and responsibilities in change process, urgency, impact cost, benefit and risk of change, while implementing system changes, software changes and hardware changes.

Change Management Software
The change to be made can be submitted to service desk or help desk group through a change request, due to a problem, when a failure or interruption occurs, due to a legal requirement, or in the form of a system, software, hardware or authorization request. When a change request is made, its classification, approval, assessment, SLA management, change tests, assignments, restoration plans in disaster scenarios and going live must be planned and executed with a project management perspective. For this purpose, our product named eBA:ITSM, which is certified by Pink Verify, produces solutions as an ITIL compatible ITSM application.

ITIL processes, such as change management, incident management, problem management, request management, configuration management, version management and service desk activities, enable to add value to the organization and improve services continuously through a proactive perspective instead of reactive one for service management.


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