Power BI Analytics Service

Thinking about implementing an analytics platform with Power BI to help you pluck useful, actionable insight from your data? You’re in the right place

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that allows us to conceive and interpret data with a higher rate, performance, and intelligence. It relates people to a vast variety of data via easy-to-use dashboards, powerful reports, and beautiful visualizations that bring our data to life.

Do you want to take service from certified Power BI experts? For more details  please contact with us through order form.

Quickly discover the insights in your data

Find answers to your most important business questions in minutes.

Understand your data at a glance

Transform rows of data into visualizations that help you quickly understand the big picture.

Identify risks and opportunities

Reduce your IT overhead and hassles while staying in control. Move to the cloud on your terms, manage easily, and automate tasks.

Power BI Services Includes

“Power BI Training”

Let CWB’s Power BI Consulting Services team help you get new and powerful insights from your own data with Power BI.

“Creating Datawarehouse with Power BI “

Using Power BI Dataflows you can implement your own Datawehouse. Power BI Dataflows is a new feature in the online Power BI service, that can be used to extract and combine data from various data sources, transform it using the no-code Power Query interface and then store it in the cloud.

Dashbords Web&Apps for the Marketing, Operations, and Sales departments

It can be used for streamlining the processes within the organization, where you have your datasets and KPIs. It can be create and share real time reports.

Machine Learning with R and Python

R and Python allow you to perform true data science and to some degree, machine learning and AI integrated into Power BI.Machine learning in cognitive services and other artificial intelligence capabilities are now integrated into Power BI Premium and surface through the common data service. There’s a whole spectrum of capabilities here like black box cognitive services which provide things like text recognition, translations, face and object detection and then correlations, predictions and other advanced AI features.

Streaming datasets

You can programmatically stream data to a Power BI dashboard, so that we can see data change in real time.

Some use cases with Power BI

Time Trend Analysis (Income, Sales, Stock etc.)

Spot Data Trends Quickly and Easily

Sales, Stock, Price Optimization and Prediction

Social Media Analysis

Natural Language Query


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