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IT Service Management Standard

Let’s Make IT Service Management Great Again: Manage your IT service with eBA ITSM including ITIL and Cobit support. Agent based and integrated, so you can find what you need and make smart decisions, fast. Standard: A perfect starter package for Incident management.

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  • *user/month*
  • Incident Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • SLA Management
  • Basic Asset Management
Remote Management
The integrated remote control tool is activated on the help desk screen. The help desk authority can be easily connected to the caller’s screen.

  • No additional license required.
  • No need to install 3rd party software.
  • Integrated with MS Active Directory.
  • Only authorized people can use this feature.
Help Desk
  • E Call by mail:eBA ITSM automatically converts the service request email, including file attachments, into a failure record. It makes the distribution of incoming mail boxes and requests coming with content filtering simple and informative.
  • Associating the calls:It can associate unlimited number of fault records with critical fault recording. When the critical fault recording is turned off, all fault records connected to it are automatically shut down and an information e-mail is sent to the caller.
  • Calling appointment according to work intensity:According to the business rules you can automatically assign the calls to the relevant IT staff.Assignment rules can be in order of group members according to the number of jobs on the technician.
  • Time Tracking:The time spent resolving faults and claims can be recorded and analyzed according to KPIs.
  • All previous versions can be reviewed authority based and if there is a rollback need, it can be done by reviewing the previous version.
Fault and Downtime, Request Templates
  • Your customers can request support by phone or by visiting the IT office. The IT service personnel can choose a pre-populated call template based on their service needs. These templates can be redirected to the relevant Help Desk Group.
Agent for Basic Asset Management scanning
  • With ITSM, you can regularly monitor software and hardware information installed on computers using the asset agent. Keep your IT inventory up-to-date and automatically keep track of your hardware and software. You can also collect hardware and software inventory information including server name, model, serial number, logged on user, operating system, hard disk, memory, installed software, and more.
Service management reports and predefined KPI panel
  • Pre-defined reports can be used to view current status and historical information and help to see the performance of the IT team. ITSM’s Dashboard feature reflects current status when serving your services to your customers. This information helps to make decisions that increase performance and productivity.


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