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What is ITIL?
ITIL is a library that is created by combining the best practices and experiences. Since a visible improvement is achieved in information technologies services of companies that have implemented ITIL, it has become no longer a library but an information technologies management methodology. You can implement ITIL methodology to your enterprise too with Bimser’s Information Technologies Service Management System software solution. You can improve the your service quality, increase your accessibility and control your costs by correctly planning your capacity by using SLA and KPI management modules of our ITSM software solution.

We can list the objectives and benefits of ITIL as follows:

To reduce costs through correct finance management;
To manage accessibility and capacity by monitoring;
To monitor performance more effectively through KPIs;
To ensure customer satisfaction.
ITIL Processes
We can list the processes that must be operated in each information technology organization as follows:

Incident Management, Helpdesk & Ticketing System
Request Fulfillment Management
Change Management
IT Asset Management
Service Catalogue Management
SLA Management
Problem Management
Knowledge Management
What is IT Management?
What are SLA and KPI?
SLA (Service Level Agreement): means the service level agreement, i.e. SLA defines the quality, accessibility, delivery time, intervening and problem solution durations of services provided by the service provider to the customer, based on an agreement signed between the customer and service provider. Because SLA creates the standards of service quality and determines the service expected by the customer from the service provider. So it is possible to measure and manage individual and organizational service quality of the staff of supporting organization.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator): KPI is the key performance indicator. We can actually consider it as the objective intended to be achieved. We must define KPIs separately for each sector and, even for each department. You can request a demonstration for KPI examples for IT, defined in our eBA:ITSM product.

Process Improvement
Process improvement is all the improvement works to be performed in order to improve quality, reduce costs and end the activities that do not create any added value. SLA and KPIs to be defined when running ITIL processes show you the areas to be improved. ITIL can improve these points by running CSI process.

IT Performance and Resource Management
You must manage your performance and resources effectively in order to manage KPI targets that you will set for your information technology teams and to achieve SLA targets that you will set for your internal customers.

IT Service Management Processes
Incident Management
Bimser’s Incident Management module assigns all problems reported by e-mail or through the portal to relevant expert, based on your definitions made in the Help Desk function. You can view the account, computer name and IP details of your customer, who made the last notification, for tickets logged through the portal on a single screen and you can connect the end user without requiring any third party application by using the remote control and support program that was integrated with eBA:ITSM. You can generate reports to plan your current situation and future by classifying reported incidents propery and you can measure the satisfaction of your customers by using survey infrastructure of eBA:ITSM.

IT Request Management
It has never been such easy to manage the requests of your customers thanks to Bimser. You can catalog the services you provide to your customers and design all products to be included to that catalog with their pictures. You can create an approval mechanism based on your organization’s rules. All approved requests, received through the catalog, are now a work order for IT. You can view the status of all work orders assigned to your team through a single screen.

IT Asset and Inventory Management
IT Asset and Inventory Management module of Bimser records all assets of an organization with their unique features. It defines all these assets together with their relationships with persons, locations, devices and companies and creates configuration management accordingly. Configuration management is a process to monitor the configuration of all configurable units (Configuration Items – CI) within a system. What is CI? Configuration item (CI) is an information technology product or a combination of information technology products that depend each other to operate and have a relationship with other information technology devices and processes. Configuration Items can either be as simple as a single server or as complex as an entire IT department..

IT Finance and Budget Management
Bimser’s IT Finance and Budget Management module ensures that all investment and operational budgets within information technologies organization are prepared and monitored. You can register the invoices of completed transactions to the system and use supplier management and service catalog processes more effectively and efficiently.

IT Supplier and Contract Management
With Bimser’s IT Supplier and Contract Management you can record the contracts signed with suppliers and manage support costs and solution durations agreed under these contracts. You can also report the costs and support durations of all contracts signed with suppliers by supplier management module of eBA:ITSM.

Change Management
You can now manage all your changes end-to-end with Bimser’s Change Management module. You can analyze the change, collect all relevant information and conduct accurate analyses and obtain necessary approvals before improvement with specially designed change request form. You can create all tasks for development of change and assign these tasks to relevant persons and monitor them. You can obtain necessary approvals before going live and plan your process to go live.


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