Trust builder platform that helps service industry businesses digitalize their operations with digital documents and Digital Biometric Signature.

Inspakt is to digitalize processes based on trust between parties in the service sector, namely contracts, appraisal reports, inspection reports, accident detection reports, acquittals, declarations, and information documents. All paper-based documentation could be managed easily in Inspakt. In car rental, auto collision, appraisal, insurance, and real estate industries, managing operations with inefficient paper documents can lead directly to the loss of productivity and lost profit as a result. Managing operations with paper documents brings paper-related costs such as storing, printing, and delivery costs. Also, employees spend 60% of their time creating documents, processing information, and correcting deficiencies. Inspakt helps your business digitalize documents and collect legally binding digital signatures and prevents you from wasting your capital. Our software not only helps organizations cut their costs but also allows them to increase operational efficiencies with its unique features.  

Inspakt can exist in any environment where trust is required. Inspakt’s system works entirely with drag-and-drop logic and the operation teams can handle the entire process. The aim is to streamline processes without the need for additional IT investment. 

Thanks to the feature called Remote Process, documents could be sent directly to customers or partners’ email addresses or mobile phone to be filled out without any application. 

In addition, with the digital biometric signature feature, contracts can be completed by signing the document in an encrypted, remote, and contactless way. So, courier or shipment costs and waiting time related to these contracts are removed. 

Geographical location is also shared on every document created with Inspakt. Thus, the company can access the information about where and when the person created the form when necessary. 

When bank and payment information are requested remotely, they are shared securely with encryption. In addition, your customer can send other documents you need by adding them to the Inspakt document. 

Support: Email help desk, live chat, phone support, FAQ page. 

Training: If needed, online and in person (location is considered). 

Supported Languages: English, Turkish. 

Mobile App: iOS and Android 

Installation: No installation is required. Inspakt can totally be used on website. Android and iOS apps could be used by your staff to ease the process. Other than that, your customers do not necessarily need to download the apps to fill a digital document or to sign a contract. 

Integration: Inspakt can be used without any integration. But if needed, the collected data can be transmitted to another system via API integrations.   


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