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Corporate Scorecard Management (Balanced Scorecard – BSC)
Corporate Scorecard Management brings a balanced perspective to performance management. We actually describe corporate scorecard as a management method that is handling and showing entire financial perspective, business processes, the direction of learning and growth and customer perspective of the corporate in accordance with its vision and mission. The corporates ensure that all their employees focus on a common target with balanced scorecard application of Bimser’s Ensemble solution. Such distribution of strategies to the entire organization is an important fact for companies in terms of contribution to the corporate’s identity.

Strategic Performance Management
While preparing their strategic plans, companies determine their strategies according to their mission and vision and then plan their resources accordingly. They associate their long term targets with short term priorities and share them with their staff for awareness. You can prepare your own SWOT analysis, identify your standard of judgment, be aware of your competitive aspects and run them with strategic objectives and targets and measure your company’s performance with strategic plan module of Bimser’s Ensemble solution.

Strategy Map
Strategy maps are used as a tool to direct organizations in acting and taking decisions according to their own strategies. Increasing the value for stakeholders is necessary to prepare the map to be followed while establishing an integrated organization between customer expectations, internal processes and financial aspects, determining the correct strategy and achieving the strategic targets. Therefore, four features of Ensemble Balanced Scorecard are indispensable elements in determining a functional and effective strategy

Individual Scorecard Management
Spreading the logic of scorecard from the organization to departments and from departments to individuals while creating a balanced scorecard enables the entire organization to act for the same purpose and targets from end to end. You can set fair targets to relevant positions of applicable KPIs while defining individual scorecard with Ensemble’s individual scorecard software solution. Additionally, prioritizing these KPIs by weighing them based on their influence to the scorecard ensures that individuals can use their work schedule and efforts in a more planned manner.


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