eBA Project and Portfolio Management

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Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)
What is PPM?

Project and Portfolio Management (PPM), is a system, through which the companies can manage interrelated or non-interrelated programs, projects and other operational works in accordance with their strategically determined business targets. You can manage projects, programs and operational works from a single point as needed by project management offices with Bimser’s Project and Portfolio Management solution. Our visual reporting tool helps you when your project managers need to take decisions quickly. It is also possible to know current stage of projects and the level of progress of operational works thanks to real-time project data and generated reports.

Bimser Project and Portfolio Management includes following modules:

Portfolio Management
Project and Program Management
Project Budget Management
Resource Management
Time Management
Request Management
Project Management Software
Project Management System assists organizations in removing the complexity of management of resources, time, costs and risks, particularly in big projects, to which more than one unit is involved. The most important point for project management is the management of staff, time, quality, risk, requests, and other management policies under a single umbrella. eBA project management program ends communication gaps and loss of time and cost in managing the projects and prevents the projects to be delayed.

Project tracking system helps to prepare a time schedule quickly thanks to user friendly screens. Since project tracking schedules are created automatically, it also enables users to prepare their own work tracking schedules for a certain project. Furthermore, a detailed work tracking form is used to define tasks quickly and easily, to determine the durations, to assign resources and to manage dependencies of tasks with each other. This form ensures that total workload and scheduled activities are displayed.

The system is configured with a strong workflow and document management. It can be ensured that all documents created throughout the project management lifecycle can be created, stored and destroyed through the system.

Portfolio Management
What is Portfolio Management?

Portfolio management covers the management of programs and projects selected in accordance with the corporate’s strategies. Portfolio Management module ensures that projects, applications and sub-portfolios are efficiently and effectively managed through portfolio management process as real-time. It is a useful tool to understand whether future requests can be met or not by taking the current condition of resources into consideration.

It assists organizations in deciding whether to close a project or not in order to perform an effective portfolio management. It does not only display the status of projects within the portfolio, but also helps you to store the documents, which were created during the initiation, planning, execution, control and review stages of projects, and to access them at anytime and from anywhere. You can use Bimser’s portfolio management solution to approve and create the new versions of portfolio management agreements, project plans and budget plans.

You can create rule engines as well as corporate specific portfolio management system with parametric definitions by using the flexible and strong workflow system developed by the solution.


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