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eBA MIS (Mail Integration Service)

Documents like spreadsheets, presentations, proposals, contracts, video and scanned images are created faster than we can count them. In most organizations, this content lives all over the place, on desktop computers, consumer file hosting services such as Dropbox and Google docs, network drives, USBs and email. And your enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM and Supply Chain are generating an endless stream of operational, structured data either on-premise and/or in the Cloud. Professional: Advanced Document Management Without Limits.

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  • *user/month*
  • Max 50 GB Storage per User
  • Max 50 User
  • Document hierarchy in a tree structure
  • Multiple-field indexing
  • Check-in/Check out support,
  • Document versioning policy
  • Ability to save searches, Web Access
  • File/Folder deletion logs
  • User,Group,Departmental level security
  • Profile form support,History search, Upload / Download
  • Audit Trails, Internal External Share link
  • Subscribe, Add to Favorites
  • Maximum Document Count (500.000,00)
  • SAP and Sharepoint Integration, DM Server
  • Electronic and Mobile Signature
  • Doc. View. inc. collaboration/redaction
  • Web Scanner
eBA Document/Record Management module features
  • EDMS meets standard requirements
  • Search function of scanned documents or images that contain text
  • Integrated into the WorkFlow Management System
  • Makes digital archiving and access authority based filing
Web User Interface
  • eBA web graphical user inteface supports multi- language entry.
  • For login Active Directory, IP authantication or similar methodologies are used.
  • LDAP Single sign-on is supported.
User Menu
  • According the user profile users can access the process that can be customized
  • Each user menue of their profile is automatically generated by the system.
Document Tree
  • All corporate memory can easily be moved into an electronic environment and accessed by authorized users.
  • Defined libraries may be on different DB servers, so that data resources can be managed based on data access and access from different locations kept at the optimum level.
Advanced Security
  • By assigning roles to users, one can manage the access authorization to libraries, files and documents.
  • All these permissions can be set based on library/directory or document based.
Advanced Search
  • Searching in the documents with Ifilter Option.
  • Some special characters can be used to do advanced search.(For Ex: * , ?, || , && etc.)
  • All previous versions can be reviewed authority based and if there is a rollback need, it can be done by reviewing the previous version.
Publishing Workflow
  • Before publishing the document, saved documents can go trough a workflow and published after approval.
  • Creating relation between documents, provide us to manage linked documents easily. If there is additional information in another document for a specific part of the curent document, you can create relation between these files.
eBA Capture features

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

  • Select text and easily transfer by cut & paste
  • Optional selectable
  • High performance asynchronous operation
  • Save labor by workflow automation

Automatic document separation

  • Automatic separation by using barcode
  • Separation with the number of pages or blank pages
  • Create a custom document separators and supression
  • Ability to manually parse documents from the interface

eBA Capture features

  • Indexing
    • Define for each document custom index fields
    • Smart index areas
    • Database integration
    • Automatic validation
    • Customize validation by external DLL .Net
  • Workflow definiton
    • Enables teamwork in the archive media
    • Automates the pipeline that require time to work
    • Scales archiving business
  • Integration
    • Web service integration
    • Document management integration
    • Workflow integration
    • File system integration
    • Asynchronous integration with workflow
SAP Content Repository
  • It provides to acces document from different interfaces. With SAP Content Repository Integration, users can link a document to an SAP object and they can review this document from SAP Interface event without saving it in SAP again.
Office Add-Ins
  • Organizing unstructured data rapidly and upload it to a central system with secure access.
  • It provides moving corporate memory to the electronic environment easily..
Folder Listener
  • Organizing unstructured data rapidly and upload it to a central system with secure access.
  • It provides moving corporate memory to the electronic environment easily
  • Organizing unstructured data rapidly and upload it to a central system with secure access.
  • It provides moving corporate memory to the electronic environment easily.



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