Cosmo-HR Human Resources Management

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Human Resources Management – Core HR, Self Service portal, Documents, Asset, Leave, Time, Financial, Performance Management.

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Agile HR Management software

Self Service

Self Service provides staff with a multitude of tasks, such as updating their own home, postal and work address information. Employees can also view and request their remaining annual leave days and cumulative overtime hours. It can plan the competence development of employees, such as leave request, training planning, and increase the competitiveness and productivity of the company by supporting a stable and sustainable development process for the employees.

Employee Documents

Manage Employee Documents easily.

It is of great importance for the HR departments to compile and manage staff recruitment records. While some of these documents are documents that record the credentials of employees, some are required on the basis of legal obligations. Therefore, it is very important for all employees to submit the legal documents requested by the company and to be reported by the HR department.

Asset Management

You can monitor mobile phones, computers, laptops, vehicles and similar assets of each employee. You can easily obtain the assets back from the employee after termination of the employment contract. The main purpose of Asset Management is to manage the fixed assets and to monitor the employees using company assets at that time. It provides direct assistance to HR or any other department in the management of company properties.

Leave Management

It is of vital importance today to be able to handle permit procedures effectively. Processes such as excuse leave, annual leave, paid or unpaid leave require various approval processes, workers making leave requests and sending those requests on to management approvals both take time and require resources. However, it is important to carry out control and approval procedures clearly and efficiently in order to avoid the interruption of work when determining leave requests and to prevent the conflicts between the two employees working in the same department or doing the same job.

Increase Efficiency with Time Management

Using time management, you can calculate payments over the time spent on projects and monitor the time allocated to task. Creating the invoice to be presented to the customer in return for the service provided with real data instead of estimation, strengthens trust in your company and therefore protects the company’s reputation. It also monitors the workload of employees and helps assign the pending jobs to the right delegees.

Do not Miss the Details in Time Sheet

Time entries may have been spent on a client or on a particular client project. By entering this information into the system, you can provide a straightforward service by exchanging time intervals with your customers at the end of the term.

With expense management, save your time, focus on your daily tasks.

Expense Management allows workers working in the field to send, monitor, process and reimburse their expenses. Expense Management is an indispensable expense management application for employees who report their own expenditures or project hours, managers who review and approve such expenses and accountants who process such reports in the financial system.

Salary Advances to create and manage advance payment procedures

There are various factors in businesses that make it difficult to monitor and track the advances that employees request . For example, there are several different types of advances, but the amount of advances required, the payment processes and procedures vary depending on these types of advances and the advance policies of the company. Ensure that debt definitions are made, approval procedures are completed and reported so that both the contractor and the employee do not encounter any issues during the advance payment process.

Cosmo HR Training Management to Improve the Skills of Your Employees

Today, while everything changes very rapidly, one of the primary conditions of success is to adapt to change. This situation directs the competencies needed by the enterprises and the expectations of the employees. The way to provide services in accordance with the requirements of today, to create a strong corporate culture, as well as to retain, specialize and make talented employees happy is through providing the right training. While the importance of education management is increasing, determining a training route suitable for the target and directing the process requires an effective solution.

Assign and remind trainings to maximize employee performance

Create new leaders by identifying your high and low performing employees using the 9-box model. Employees can see and participate in the training given to them. Recurring trainings will also be automatically reminded to your employees for the periods you set.

Support individual performance and mentor your employees

Acknowledge high achievers and help lower performers thrive by measuring their performance. Define the development areas of your team by setting personal goals with performance management. After the evaluation, improve your business processes by sharing the results with the whole team.

Manage digitally your vehicle pool

Fleet Reservation is designed to keep the smooth running of in-house car sharing operations. It enables organizations to identify their fleets establish a reservation for the requested employee, and track these records. It is very easy to track company vehicle inventory with Fleet Reservation and to monitor who uses vehicles for various purposes.

Easy Employee Travel Planning

Your employees may need to travel for meetings, presentations, audits to strengthen connections with your suppliers and customers. Employees can schedule travel with Cosmo-hr and share it with their managers. Thanks to the approval processes, all travels are planned with the approval of the respective units.

Cosmo-HR FAQ

Q: How can I start my subscription?

A: After purchasing process we will provide you Cosmo-HR platform and credentials for your organization in 3 workdays.

Q: How do I get billed?

A: Your billing date is based on the day you sign up, and payable automatically by credit card monthly or annually. For monthly option, if you sign up on the 05th of March, you would be billed the 05th of every month.

Q: Is there any hidden cost in licence fees?

A: No, there is not any additional fees in licence fees.

Q: How is Cosmo-HR support options?

A: We have ticket system for your technical issues. You can create unlimited tickets on our ticket system. Also, you can send your questions to mail address. Also, you can reach out us via chat screen.

Q: Is there a guide / knowledge base for Cosmo-HR

A: Yes, you can find the guide on

Q: Which application does Cosmo-HR integrated with?

A: Cosmo-HR has integration with Dynamics 365. For special integration with other application or software please contact us.

Q: Should I pay for initial setup such as employee import?

A: No, you don’t. Our consultants will import your employee and user data to Cosmo-Hr

Q: Can I request custom development?

A: If your request is an added value function or feature for Cosmo-HR, yes you can.

Q: How can I cancel my subscription? What is Cosmo-HR’s cancellation and refund policy?

A: You can cancel Cosmo-HR account at any time. If you decide to cancel, please consider we’re not able to offer prorated refunds. Your account will remain active until the end of the current monthly billing period, and you won’t be charged further. If you have cancelled during your free trial, you will not be charged.

Q: Where is my data will be stored?

A: Cosmo-HR running on Microsoft Azure Platform. Microsoft has its own data center infrastructure across the world which provides over 600 kind of cloud services.

Q: Is the Cosmo-HR GDPR compliant?

A: Azure offers 11 privacy-focused compliance offerings, more than any other cloud provider.


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