Cloud Vision

Derive insight from your images with our powerful pretrained API models or easily train custom vision models with AutoML Vision BETA.

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Powerful image analysis

Cloud Vision offers both pretrained models via an API and the ability to build custom models using AutoML Vision to provide flexibility depending on your use case.

Cloud Vision API enables developers to understand the content of an image by encapsulating powerful machine learning models in an easy-to-use REST API. It quickly classifies images into thousands of categories (such as, “sailboat”), detects individual objects and faces within images, and reads printed words contained within images. You can build metadata on your image catalog, moderate offensive content, or enable new marketing scenarios through image sentiment analysis.

AutoML Vision Beta makes it possible for developers with limited machine learning expertise to train high-quality custom models. After uploading and labeling images, AutoML Vision will train a model that can scale as needed to adapt to demands. AutoML Vision offers higher model accuracy and faster time to create a production-ready model.

Insight from your images

Easily detect broad sets of objects in your images, from flowers, animals, or transportation to thousands of other object categories commonly found within images. Vision API improves over time as new concepts are introduced and accuracy is improved. With AutoML Vision, you can create custom models that highlight specific concepts from your images. This enables use cases ranging from categorizing product images to diagnosing diseases.

Extract text

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables you to detect text within your images, along with automatic language identification. Vision API supports a broad set of languages..

Power of the web

Vision API uses the power of Google Image Search to find topical entities like celebrities, logos, or news events. Millions of entities are supported, so you can be confident that the latest relevant images are available. Combine this with Visually Similar Search to find similar images on the web.

Content moderation

Powered by Google SafeSearch, easily moderate content and detect inappropriate content from your crowd-sourced images. Vision API enables you to detect different types of inappropriate content, from adult to violent content.


Image search

Use Vision API and AutoML Vision to make images searchable across broad topics and scenes, including custom categories. Learn more about this solution.

Document classification

Access information efficiently by using the Vision and Natural Language APIs to transcribe and classify documents..

Product Search

Find products of interest within images and visually search product catalogs using Cloud Vision API.

Cloud Vision API features

Derive insight from images with our powerful Cloud Vision API.

Label detection

Detect broad sets of categories within an image, ranging from modes of transportation to animals.

Web detection

Search the internet for similar images.

Optical character recognition

Detect and extract text within an image, with support for a broad range of languages, along with support for automatic language identification. You can upload PDF and TIFF files as well as images such as PNG and GIF files. See the full list of supported files here.

Handwriting recognition BETA

Using the Vision API, you can recognize human handwriting in addition to machine-printed text.

Logo detection

Detect popular product logos within an image.

Object localizer BETA

In addition to identifying an object in an image, the Vision API can now also identify where in the image that object is and how many of that type of object are in the image.

Integrated REST API

Access the Cloud Vision API via REST API to request one or more annotation types per image. Images can be uploaded in the request or integrated with Google Cloud Storage.

Landmark detection

Detect popular natural and man-made structures within an image.

Face detection

Detect multiple faces within an image, along with the associated key facial attributes like emotional state or wearing headwear. Facial recognition is not supported.

Content moderation

Detect explicit content like adult content or violent content within an image.

ML Kit integration

Integrate with ML Kit, a mobile SDK that makes it easy to apply Google’s machine learning technology to Android and iOS apps in a powerful yet easy-to-use package.

Product search BETA

Recognize products from your catalog within web and mobile photos, and implement visual search experiences that enable your apps to recognize products in your images.

Image attributes

Detect general attributes of the image, such as dominant colors and appropriate crop hints.


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