BEAM Service Management (After Sales)

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After Sales Services Management
BEAM After Sales Services Management solution of Bimser is an end-to-end solution package, through which all problems encountered by end users for the products they use, starting from the initial installation, can be tracked. It can include all stakeholders, such as partners, field teams, etc., who might be involved to the process. It ensures that teams effectively communicate with each other for all tickets.

The most frequent problem of enterprises that manufacture products for end users is the failure to manage authorized services properly. For this purpose, BEAM After Sales Services Management is offering an effective solution for issues, such as work planning and progress payments of authorized services and tracking of inventories. In addition to planned and effective operation of authorized services, benefits, such as optimum use of resources, productivity monitoring and increasing customer satisfaction are generated automatically.

What are After Sales Services?
After sales service of a company is all assistance and information services provided to the customers after they purchase a product. These services include warranty, insurance, product updates and maintenance / repairing services as well as call center, cargo details and communication through different channels, which are provided to consumers. After sales services are among the most important tools that assist brands in creating permanent and loyal customers. It is very important to understand and empathize with the customer and to create the sense that a solution will be found for the customer’s problem in order to provide a healthy after sales service. BEAM ASS solution manages this process entirely in a digital environment and helps to improve the customer’s loyalty.

After sales services include subfields, such as installation, assembly, spare parts, warranty, customer communication and information. If the enterprise’s after sales service is high, its customer satisfaction would be high too.

Ticket Management
The process that begins by entering the requests, received by call centers from end users, to the system by call center operators or relevant authorized services manages the entire process that includes creation of a job record for the ticket, solving the problem or request and closing the ticket. It is possible to direct the tickets to appropriate services, to plan the operations, to follow up the results and to close the ticket on time.

“Costs of lack of quality” of the enterprise can be calculated and reported automatically by BEAM ASS solution by using the cost details written on service forms by call center. Enterprises can plan necessary corrective actions thanks to these reports.

Appointment Operations
After a ticket is created, the end user is contacted to create an appointment. The appointment is forwarded to the authorized service technician together with the date and time of appointment. BEAM ASS solution helps to use the technicians of authorized services effectively with its resource planning functions and prevents overlapping appointment.

Product Replacement Operations
Return or replacement requests of authorized service technicians are examined by expert staff in the factories and the return or replacement is validated by BEAM ASS solution. This ensures to prevent wrong decisions that might be taken by authorized service technicians. It is also ensured that the communication between factory and technicians is accelerated and problems are intervened and solved without causing any customer dissatisfaction. Additionally, product development is improved by providing information and reporting opportunities to product quality control units.

Progress Payments of Authorized Services
BEAM ASS solution allows the units, which manage after sales services of the enterprise, to track and control current accounts of authorized services through service forms. Progress payments of all authorized services can be calculated automatically, based on the information written on service forms.


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