BEAM Material Management System

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Beam Material and Resource Management
Material Management is our module to use all materials and spare parts that you need for asset management.

Resource Management is our module that we use to plan and measure the performances of all staff and subcontractor works that are needed for asset management and to evaluate the suppliers.

Material Management
Material Management can be used to determine the quantity of orders for materials, to transfer, enter and return materials, to count them physically and to control their quantity and content. BEAM inventory management offers planning options to open orders automatically for replenishment of inventories and allows to create orders automatically, based on minimum, maximum and safe inventory levels.

You can take measures for material deficiency by determining material, labor and machinery requirements and minimize your warehouse costs by keeping the inventory at the minimum level.

You can assist in selecting cheaper products with same functionality when procuring materials and so you can perform your operations more economically and productively.

You can perform below operations with Material Management module of BEAM:

You can define unlimited number of barcodes per material and manage materials and devices.
You can classify materials with group code and sub-groups and manage inventories properly.
You can issue parts easily for work orders and replace inventories automatically.
You can track scrapped spare parts through the application.
You can reserve the task to receive a material from the warehouse for the requester of material by a workflow algorithm, thanks to warehouse request management.
You can ship extra materials in warehouses or storages to different warehouses by interwarehouse transfer functionality thanks to inventory management on a single screen.
You can determine minimum and maximum inventory levels and initiate automatic notification or purchasing process when the inventory quantity is out of this range.
You can count materials in warehouses and inventory through the application and mobile devices.
You can manage inventory more easily thanks to unlimited number of warehouse definitions.
You can use material total calculation function in case of any calculation error for inventories either at the material or the warehouse total level.
You can retrieve total cost entry/issue amount (TL/FX) graphically from the application at the month, year, week, material, vendor, warehouse and cost center level thanks to highest quantity of materials report.
You can use ready-to-use reports to evaluate inventory / warehouse management with 30 different material reports available in the application.
Resource Management
Our Resource Management module is used to determine work priorities better, to use resources at the most appropriate level, to track the performance of staff, to find which staff is doing what kind of a work, to determine training requirements of technical staff, to track staff qualifications and to plan shorter outage period and effective maintenance works.

With Bimser’s Resource Management module we ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively by defining the operations, in which each staff can work, their equipment, work types, trainings and personal details, etc.

We also offer easy-to-use visual navigation between work orders and tasks.

Bimser’s BEAM software solution

provides team resource management capability based on tasks and works;
compares the resource load with availability for the best utilization of resources;
ensures that works are planned automatically according to shift plans and resources are managed effectively; and
ensures that daily, weekly and monthly work schedules of the staff are prepared according to availability of staff.
Inventory and Warehouse Management
Bimser’s inventory management module is used to determine the amount of orders for materials, to transfer materials and to enter-issue and return the materials. You can control the quantity and content with physical counts. BEAM offers planning option to open orders automatically for replenishment of inventories and allows to create orders automatically, based on minimum, maximum and safe inventory levels.


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