BEAM Maintenance Management System

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BEAM Maintenance Management
We can define maintenance and repair as the activities performed to keep all assets of your organization at the highest functional level. Your assets might be a line, machine, equipment, building, vehicle, fixture or information system equipment. You can manage all maintenance and repairing activities, such as mechanical and electrical works, automation, construction, information processing, etc. of your industrial and enterprise assets with BEAM.

Some of these activities are:

Problem Maintenance
Periodical Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance
Problem Maintenance
We define this term as the maintenance activities performed when your asset has an unexpected problem. It can be seen in all organizations and it is divided into 2 main groups, named problem with a shutdown and problem without a shutdown.

Problem with a shutdown shows that there is a problem in the asset or its connected line or any other asset that caused a shutdown. It is a problem that is not wanted and must be immediately reported to maintenance team in order to be responded. Most of the organizations use automation systems to track these shutdowns and to report them immediately to maintenance teams. BEAM steps in right at this point with its flexible integration capability and automatically opens problem maintenance work orders, based on the information it received from automation systems, compares the shutdown durations and reasons and ensures that all necessary analyses are performed. Problem without a shutdown shows that there is a problem in the asset, but it doesn’t cause a shutdown. Its significance is lower than problem with a shutdown.

Its main problem maintenance process is as follows:

The problem is notified by BEAM’s web application or mobile application (barcode can be scanned). If requested, necessary approvals can be applied. Then the problem is notified to maintenance team. Responding starts after it is planned and work order is closed after the staff working on the problem, materials being used, outsourced service details and work order details are entered. (If requested, approval process can be applied and the order can be closed later.)

Periodical Maintenance
Periodical maintenance is the maintenance works we perform on your asset at certain periods, which may be based on dates or meters. Periodical maintenance based on dates can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. Periodical maintenance based on meters can be defined as hour, km, no. of hits, no. of products, etc. With BEAM you can create work orders for periodical maintenance based on meters automatically by using such information (hour, km, no. of hits, no. of products, etc.). The work order for periodical maintenance based on dates is created in advance at a time that you have set before and you are reminded by e-mail or as a mobile notification. You can print out maintenance and repairing form or track them by your mobile device for the work steps of periodical maintenances.

If you specify the number of persons and duration of work as well as which materials and equipment will be used while defining your periodical maintenances in BEAM, you can find how much of these requirements are met, based on your current resources, and you can take necessary actions for your deficiencies thanks to requirement planning report.

Predictive Maintenance
The type of maintenance works performed by predicting that a problem may occur is called predictive maintenance. You can enter the readings of non-destructive inspections, such as measurement of vibration, lubricant analysis, ultrasound measurements, temperature measurements, etc. with predictive maintenance module of BEAM. You can prevent problems by creating work orders automatically for certain activities that you have determined for measurements falling out of predetermined ranges. You can also reach the trend reports of all values you measured.

In addition to these functions for maintenance and repairing activities, BEAM is considered as the best maintenance and repairing program by our customers due to its user friendly interface and functionalities.


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