How you can have a compliant business as an SMB?


When it comes to data management and privacy topic, you might think about cost and effort that you will spend.

Especially for the small and medium size companies need to take an action but they could not find enough resources for being compliant.

Other hand almost %50 of current business has lower than 50 employees. And they don’t have enough time, budget and resources for compliancy readiness.

But you should take an action and do what you should do.

Start with some small steps;


About Your Data;

1.     Understand and assess your data

Discover your data and understand which data is using for what.

2.     Classify your data

Classify your data. Which data is coming from which sources and will be related which process. Label your data according to importancy and sensitivity.

3.     Protect sensitive data

Protect your sensitive data and be sure that all of them are in secure platform and storage.

Use encryption to protect and control your sensitive emails

As you know there are some regulations like GDPR and CCPA and rules are encryption as an effective method to protect personal information from unauthorized parties in the event of a data breach.

Special Tip: Office 365 Message Encryption enables users to protect sensitive emails shared with anyone inside and outside of your organization. You can get started by setting up a Data Loss Prevention policy that applies Office 365 Message Encryption to U.S. PII sensitive data types.

Leverage the GDPR assessment in Compliance Manager

With many commonalities between GDPR and CCPA, such as data subject rights of access, erasure, and portability, organizations can leverage their GDPR program to start tackling CCPA compliance now.

Protect, govern, and manage your data beyond Microsoft

Organizations today face a daunting task as they embark on their digital risk and compliance journey. The amount of data they must find, protect, and govern is enormous and is likely stored across multiple disparate systems and locations from on-premises to the cloud.

Microsoft announced the public preview of Microsoft built third-party data connectors that enable the importing and archiving of third-party data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instant Bloomberg,  Bloomberg Message, and ICE Chat to mailboxes in Microsoft 365 to address compliance, risk, and eDiscovery.

You can get started by using the GDPR assessment today. Assess the risks and fix them with smart solutions.

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Refik Tuncer

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