About Client

Bekaert is a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies and  pursues to be the preferred supplier for our steel wire products and solutions by continuously delivering superior value to our customers worldwide. Bekaert (Euronext Brussels: BEKB) is a global company with almost 30 000 employees worldwide, headquarters in Belgium and € 4.4 billion in annual revenue.

Website: www.bekaert.com

Customer View

We have been using eBA Workflow Management System in Bekaert since 2004. I think eBA is an application that is improving since the day we started using and is still open to improvements. Since the implementation, we transferred 19 paper intensive business processes of our company to electronic environment with eBA and close support of Bimser Çözüm. Business processes such as HR forms – Expenditure List – Action Forms – Warehouse Material Request Form – Non-Conformity Observation Form – Travel Approval Form are especially used heavily in the company. The main reason for us to prefer eBA system was its ease of use and practicality along with the fact that it answers needs. Since the day we implemented, we transferred the paper traffic inside the company to electronic environment saving ourselves from paper chaos and more importantly we can quickly access past records and work to shape the future based on the information from the past.

eBA Project Supervisor