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PO management


In the current scenario, the Purchase Requisition is being converted to a Purchase Order in Fiori. The Purchase Order needs to be released before receiving the shipment. There are no approval mechanism for Purchase Orders based on PO Amount. For any approval request, related managers should be notified and they should take related actions in time not to delay day-to-day operations because of PO problems. There is a system need that should have easy integration and implementation capabilities and should bring authentication based approval design for this process to provide an efficient solution.


When a new PO is created in Fiori, it triggers eBA system to create an automatic workflow transaction of this PO. Workflow goes to the related upper managers until it has final manager’s approval that has enough limit to approve this process. At the end of this process, eBA sends a flag to Fiori to release that PO automatically. In approval steps, approvers are notified by email. During PO Release operation in SAP from eBA, in case SAP returns any error message to eBA that means PO has not been released successfully for any reason, process goes to support team to solve that problem and process can continue from related step after support team’s solution.  So there is an end to end solution with eBA for this operation. Also eBA approval screens are being accessed from Fiori side with the help of eBA’s integration capability. So end users just use Fiori interface for all these approvals and no need to use different interfaces for a specific process.

Time to Implement

40 – 160 hours


Prevent unauthorized PO Release operations for the shipment. Visibility of this process, based on action details and comment history. Easy integration and implementation capability and low cost for customization when any modification needed on the process.