Display Last Refreshed Time/Date in Power BI


Display Last Refreshed/Updated Date/Time in Power BI

After creating and publishing your first Power BI report, you will look for ways to display the last refreshed/updated date or time to the user. Because everyone(including you) wants to know how fresh the data is, right?

Thanks to Power BI’s powerful M language, this task is very easy to do.

  • First thing you need to do is to open Power BI Desktop. 
  • Then click Get Data -> Blank Query

  • When the editor opens, type “= DateTime.LocalNow()” and press Enter

  • This will get the date and time when the report gets refreshed. After this step, click “To Table” option you will see on left top corner

  • There we are! We have our date/time column now, very few steps left before we could display our Date and Time separately.

  • Next, select the column by clicking its header and change its Data Type to Date/Time
  • After that, select the column by clicking its header and choose Duplicate Column

  • Select the column that we copied, and change its Data Type to Date

  • Select the original column and duplicate it again.
  • Select the new copied column and change its Data Type to Time

  • Awesome! Now we are supposed to have 3 separate columns, change their name to DateTime, Date and Time

  • Click Close&Apply.
  • Now you can create a card visual and use your date, time or datetime fields to show last updated time. This query will get the local date whenever it is being refreshed(manually or with a scheduled refresh).

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