Better Teamwork with Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams

“How can you have much more benefit from your Microsoft 365”

Collaboration is the most popular word in the teamwork and daily business routine. In order to have better collaboration, companies push their managers and IT teams.

Most of the time, shared folders, or Microsoft Teams meetings can be a part of the collaboration. And You can think you have a better teamwork then older.

But I should remind that it’s not easy to collaborate with your team only with arrange a Microsoft Teams meeting and share your screen. It is beyond that.


How can you have better Teamwork?

First you can start with this check list.

  1. Can you share the tasks while you have meeting with your team?
  2. Do you work on same word document or power point slides with your team together?
  3. Can every team member reach meeting note whenever they need?
  4. Do your team members synchronize their tasks with their to do lists?
  5. Can you share your project site with outside of your organisation securely and easily?

I have much more questions and answers, but I prefer to come to conclusion as much as faster.

With Microsoft 365, Teams, Planner, Onedrive, Sharepoint and Office 365 applications and mobile devices compatibilities, you can make your own teamwork better and unbeatable.

With these tips and tricks, you will have better performance from your Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Teams

While you have Microsoft Teams meeting, you can write meeting notes in meeting notes section. Also, you can use One Note application in Teams meeting for specific notes.

Microsoft Planner and Planner Application

You can create new Teams meeting and while you have a meeting with team members, you can assign tasks on your Planner application. With this feature, meetings can be more effective, and tasks can be tracking by all team members.

Sharepoint Online

Sharepoint online has changed the game in every point of view. While your meeting is live you can open with your all team members one specific document and work on it. This document can be word, excel or powewer point. Sharepoint has many aspects for users like list, power apps integration, power automate etc. but I will tell more about my next blogs.


When you should share the files with others, it’s the best way to use one drive business. It’s secure and easy way to arrange all access information for specific files or folder.


To do is the fast and effective application to arrange all tasks integrated with your Planner. User friendly ToDo mobile app is the best way to synchronize your tasks with your daily business routine.

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