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Branding, marketing, sales, product management

Cloud Workbench helps technology vendors with services like marketing and sales activities.

We help technology business managers in their branding, product management activities. Also providing them competition analyze, pricing methodology alternatives etc. They can easily decide what will be further step.

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Scale or die in online business

Technology vendors need different services for business. We help them to grow, and success.

We integrate product or service to the most known referral platforms like Gartner, Capterra, G2 etc.

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Regulations and adoption for growing.

When you deliver technology, you should have deep knowledge about rules like GDPR. Also we are helping for localization, test, support and many more topics.

Also we are providing knowledge-base and services for localization, test, support and many more topics that your business needs.

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You can reach us for your consultancy and training needs.
  • Management, Marketing, Sales
  • Support, Marketplaces, Optimization
  • GDPR, Governance, Agreements


I would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Cloud Work Bench B.V. I couldn’t think of any better partner to help Talentate. in the international marketing and Global Expansion process.

B.Koca  – CEO


CWB team conduct a detailed market research and then come up with a tailor-made plan for localization, go-to market strategies, product management. With their help we can plan to go global.

CWB research competitors, design go-to market strategy and define our needs clearly for Orchestra HR If you would like additional information about Cloud Workbench B.V, you can reach out me any time.

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