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Cloud Workbench is helping technology vendors to sell their products and/or services globally. And also helping software buyers for integration and cloud transformation with wide product range.

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Our value for vendors


Branding, marketing, sales, product management

Cloud Workbench helps technology vendors with services like marketing and sales activities.

We help technology business managers in their branding, product management activities. Also providing them competition analyze, pricing methodology alternatives etc. They can easily decide what will be further step.

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Scale or die in online business

Technology vendors need different services for business. We help them to grow, and success.

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Regulations and adoption for growing. Alliances for new markets.

When you deliver technology, you should have deep knowledge about rules like GDPR. Also we are helping for localization, test, support and many more topics.

On the other hand, your potential customers will find you on our alliances marketplaces.

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Cloud Marketplaces and Referrals

We have services for moving products to cloud marketplaces and referral web sites. With our expertise, your brand will be on the top of the global marketplaces.

Your product will be on marketplaces like Azure Marketplace, Aws Cloud, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Sap Store, Salesforce. Also Gartner, Capterra G2 and many more referrals and comparison sites on our list.

We are working with big distributors like Techdata, Ingram Micro, Software One.

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I would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Cloud Work Bench B.V. I couldn’t think of any better partner to help Talentate. in the international marketing and Global Expansion process.

B.Koca  – CEO


CWB team conduct a detailed market research and then come up with a tailor-made plan for localization, go-to market strategies, product management. With their help we can plan to go global.

How happy end users select their software

We can develop new work processes very quickly on eBA platform. I totally recommend eBA to other international companies beacuse of high quality support.

M.Goren / IT Manager

We can manage our mainenance integrated with SAP with Beam. All images, manuals and mantenance plans on our system and accessible for 24/7

E.Hangisi / Maint.Man.

Excellent work. Very good team. We do not need more support, but it works perfectly. Congratulations !!

Waiting for new updates.

S.Ozeren / Business Apps.

Particularly for monitoring the actions to be regularly taken based on the regulations, qdms is the one of the system we use.

M.Oytun / Business Contunity Managaer.

Trainings and Events

Webinar: Being a global Technology Provider

Organisation by: YTU Technopark.

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Cloud Workbench designs trainings, events, boot-camps

Technology vendors and companies, startups, incubation centers, techno parks are being a part of our trainings, webinars, events like matchmaking, pitch sessions, demo days.

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Guides for Vendors

Your search for a winning expert.

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